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The Heated Shoes For Chrisms Gifts

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The Heated Shoes For Chrisms Gifts
Latest company news about The Heated Shoes For Chrisms Gifts

Cold winter is really bad for people with cold feet. As the saying goes, cold enters the body from the feet, and the cold air invades the human body from the soles of the feet, and runs to all parts of the body along the blood circulation, which will easily lead to severe joint pain, stroke or myocardial infarction in the long run. These heated shoes are definitely good news for people with cold feet and can keep you warm through the winter.latest company news about The Heated Shoes For Chrisms Gifts  0

This is a graphene electronic heating shoe. The overall design of the heating shoe is like two cute "sheep". Sheep is cute and fashionable to wear on the feet. The mouth of the heated shoes is designed with cotton elastic, which is suitable for all kinds of people. The inside of the heated shoes is all made of fleece material combined with the heating function to keep you warmer. The heated shoe comes with a heated insole, the surface of the heated insole is attached with light fleece, the edge is stitched, and there is a charging cable. The heated insole is removable and supports hand and machine wash. When you don't want the heating function of the shoes, you can take out the insole and use the shoes as ordinary household shoes. When the heating function is required, the insole is placed in the shoe, and the shoe can obtain the heating function. There is a "small hole" on the inside of the heated shoe. After the heated insole is put into the shoe, the charging cable can be exposed to the outside of the shoe through this "small hole", which is convenient for charging and disassembly. The sole of the heated shoes is made of rubber material, which is soft and light, and will not feel too hard and sturdy when using it. This heating shoe comes with a shoe clip accessory. When you want to store your shoes when the season changes or when you are skiing, skating, or camping outdoors, you can use the shoe clip to connect the charging cables of the two shoes to avoid losing the shoes.latest company news about The Heated Shoes For Chrisms Gifts  1

The insole of the heating shoe adopts the latest heating technology of graphene heating sheet. The graphene heating sheet has the characteristics of rapid heating, over-temperature protection and washable. 【Quick Heating】- The graphene heating sheet can be quickly heated in a few minutes, plug and play without waiting time. 【Over Temperature Protection】- Automatically stop heating when the temperature is too high, to protect your safety during the heating process. 【WASHABLE】- The insole supports hand and machine wash without damaging the heating element inside. In addition to these functions, the far-infrared light waves emitted by graphene can promote blood circulation, beauty and skin care, and enhance immunity. Graphene is radiation-proof, and pregnant women can also use this product safely.latest company news about The Heated Shoes For Chrisms Gifts  2

This heated shoe can be used indoors and outdoors, suitable for indoor home shoes, outdoor camping, shopping, office, walking, etc. It can be used as business gifts, promotional gifts, Christmas gifts, welcome gifts, Spring Festival gifts, family gifts, birthday gifts, and it is a thoughtful gift for family, friends, colleagues, lovers.latest company news about The Heated Shoes For Chrisms Gifts  3

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